Liberal Court Targets Trump Again, Denies Immunity Claim!

The persistent involvement of the liberal appellate court in the affairs of Donald Trump is intolerable. The court recently rejected Trump's assertion that he is exempt from legal responsibility in his election subversion case. Do you really mean that? The nerve that judgment upon them!

However, have no concern; Trump will not back down. The foremost Republican candidate for president intends to file an appeal of the court's ruling. Indeed, he will not permit those obnoxious legal obstacles to impede his pursuit of justice.

At present, the situation becomes intriguing. Trump possesses two alternatives with regard to his allure, each of which could potentially unfold in various ways. Trump has been given until February 12 to submit his appeal with the appellate court. That is half a month away! It is as though they are attempting to rush him along.

Trump may petition the Supreme Court to halt the case while he presents his case for presidential immunity if he decides to appeal. However, if he requests that the complete bench of the appellate court rehear his argument, the case would recommence at the district court level. It is as if the system is being rigged against him!

Threatening Trump with a resumption of the case if he requests a review from the full appellate court appears to be dishonest on the part of the court. It is as if they are deliberately striving to complicate matters for him. Discourse on inequitable treatment!

Furthermore, it continues from there. Some attorneys leaning to the right assert that the elimination of the en banc option is motivated by politics. It is their contention that the judiciary is failing our constitutional government, thereby posing a threat to our democracy. Everything is a massive conspiracy, people!

Undoubtedly, Trump could file a Supreme Court appeal as well. The case may be postponed for several months if the justices were to grant a stay. And even if they chose to consider the matter, a decision could take several months to reach. It is as if they are prolonging this on purpose so that Trump does not receive a fair treatment.

However, there is more. Trump may also request a rehearing of his appeal before the complete appellate court. However, that would result in the case being remanded to the lower court level, so he appears to be on the short end of the stick regardless of his actions.

Moreover, the status of Trump's prosecution in Washington has been rendered uncertain. The trial schedule is currently uncertain due to the numerous legal maneuvers that are taking place. It's as if they were engaging in a game with him!

The inclination of liberal judges and the legal system at large to oppose Trump is manifest. They are exerting every effort possible to prevent him from receiving an impartial trial. However, I assure you that ultimately, the truth will be revealed, and justice will triumph!

Written by Staff Reports

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