Trump Crushes Nikki Haley: Nevada GOP Rejects Anti-Trump Rival by Huge Margin

Former President Donald Trump continues to dominate the GOP scene as his primary opponents struggle to gain traction. Nikki Haley, the lone holdout against Trump, faced a humiliating defeat in Nevada’s Republican primary election. Despite having a generous campaign budget of over $14 million, Haley failed to sway voters, who overwhelmingly chose the “none of these candidates” option over her.

Haley’s campaign, clearly in denial, accused the game of being rigged for Trump, an argument that holds no weight given the Nevada GOP’s denial of such claims. It seems Haley’s team recognizes the futility of wasting time and resources in a state where they had not spent “a dime nor an ounce of energy.” Well, maybe they should have because the results speak for themselves!

President Trump wasted no time in gloating about Haley’s defeat on his beloved Truth Social platform. He mockingly predicted that she would claim victory despite losing by nearly 30 points to “none of these candidates.” Trump’s acute observation is a clear indication that Haley’s run has been a complete disaster.

Even Nevada’s Republican Party officials paid little attention to Haley’s campaign. Joe Lombardo, the state’s governor, who recently endorsed Trump, announced his intention to vote for “none of these candidates.” It’s clear that Haley never had a chance at competing for delegates in Nevada. State-level allies of the former president echoed this sentiment, highlighting Haley’s lack of support when actual ballots are cast.

The Nevada voters were not convinced by Haley’s anti-Trump rhetoric. Jesse Clark, the Clark County Republican Party Chair, accurately stated that she was running against the American people, and the voters noticed. It’s refreshing to see that the voters saw through Haley’s misguided attempts to undermine Trump’s accomplishments.

One voter, Doug Durbin, a Vietnam veteran who physically sacrificed for his country, made it a personal mission to vote for “none of these candidates” over Haley. Durbin’s statement reflects the sentiments of many Trump supporters who are determined to see their vote count. He even rallied fellow citizens, urging them to exercise their right to vote, regardless of any physical limitations.

As the presidential contest shifts to South Carolina, Trump continues to hold a commanding lead over Haley among likely Republican voters. This two-to-one margin highlights that the American people appreciate Trump’s strong leadership and reject Haley’s misguided attempts to challenge him. Haley’s defeat in Nevada is just a preview of the obstacles she will face throughout her campaign – obstacles she is ill-prepared to overcome.

Written by Staff Reports

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