Santos Trolls GOP Flop: “Miss Me?” in Spicy Comeback Tweet

In a sassy and downright scathing tweet, former Rep. George Santos (R-NY) made a grand entrance back onto the political scene, throwing shade at the House GOP’s lackluster performance. With the new House Speaker Mike Johnson at the helm, one would think that the Republicans would be getting stuff done, but apparently not.

Santos, who was ousted from Congress by his own party after being accused of some financial hiccups, seemed to delight in the GOP’s failure to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He dropped the notorious tweet, “Miss me yet?” alongside a snapshot of the initial 215-215 tied vote.

The GOP’s feeble attempt at impeaching Mayorkas eventually flopped, with Rep. Blake Moore (R-UT) adding insult to injury by joining three other naysayers in a sneaky procedural move. This tactical maneuver gives the Republican squad the opportunity to resurrect the articles of impeachment for a future showdown. It’s like a political soap opera, but with less drama and more hot air.

Some fellow GOP lawmakers couldn’t resist taking a jab at their own party’s shortcomings by admitting that they do, in fact, miss Santos – well, at least his vote. It’s like a bad breakup, but with political consequences.

Rep. Matt Gaetz didn’t hold back in his assessment of the failed impeachment vote, blaming the expulsion of Santos and calling out Kevin McCarthy’s supposed self-centeredness as contributing factors. It’s like a game of political chess, but with more finger-pointing and fewer checkmates.

Written by Staff Reports

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