Liberal Judge Tries to Rig Georgia Elections With Flawed Ruling!

In an utterly predictable turn of events, a “Judge” by the name of Amy Totenberg has found it convenient to rule in favor of the liberal agenda and claim that Georgia’s election system has significant flaws. This so-called decision is as laughable as it is transparently biased.

The judge has set a bench trial for January 9, 2024 (talk about dragging out a case, must be because they haven’t found any real evidence yet), and has suggested that, if the state legislature were to take action, a compromise might be possible. Translation: if the state caves to the left’s demands, maybe we can avoid this whole charade.

Of course, the court made sure to deny that concerns about Georgia’s voting machines are just “conspiracy theories.” Because, you know, if you have real concerns, then you must be wearing a tin foil hat. They even mentioned the testimony of “cybersecurity experts” and “computer scientists” to prop up their flimsy case. But let’s be real, those so-called “experts” were probably just left-wing activists who learned how to google “cybersecurity” and “voting machines.”

According to the court, the voting machines’ lack of a paper trail and their use of outdated software are somehow evidence of “cybersecurity deficiencies” that allegedly burden people’s rights. Give us a break! The only burden here is having to listen to all these baseless complaints and excuses for why the left lost the election.

And to top it all off, the court suggested that the most important solutions for election integrity might be political, not judicial. In other words, they know they can’t win this in court, so they’re hoping to strong-arm their way through the legislative process.

But fear not, true patriots! The court did grant some motions for summary judgment from the State Defendants, and Fulton County got off scot-free. So, it’s not a total loss for the side of logic and reason.

And by the way, if you want to hear some real truth bombs and common sense, be sure to tune in to the “Relentless Podcast” with Kyle Becker. No liberal propaganda there, just good old-fashioned conservative wisdom.

Written by Staff Reports

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