Liberals OUTRAGED After Trans Influencer Arrested and Put in Men’s Jail

This week, a transgender male influencer was arrested in Florida and sent to jail. As you might expect, liberals are outraged about the situation.

According to USA Today, Nikita Dragun, 26, was arrested in Florida on Monday night. Dragun was charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and failure to comply with police officers. According to the affidavit, Dragun was causing a disturbance at the Goodtime Hotel in Miami Beach.

The hotel's security personnel reportedly told Dragun that the behavior was not allowed, but Dragun continued to behave in a disorderly manner. Dragun also allegedly threw water at a staff member.

Officers were then sent to the hotel to check on Dragun, who was reportedly causing a disturbance in her room. The security guard then told her that her behavior could lead to her being asked to leave the property.

According to the affidavit, during this confrontation, Dragun assaulted the police and security personnel. She also allegedly threw a water bottle at the officers.

Following the incident, Dragun was taken into custody by law enforcers and then transferred to a local jail. According to her representative, Jack Ketsoyan, she was then placed in a men's jail.

Ketsoyan released a statement on behalf of Dragun, stating that she is legally female and that the decision to place her in a men's jail was “in direct violation of the protocol.”

The corrections department of Miami-Dade County reportedly follows a policy that requires that transgender inmates be housed and classified according to their gender identity and safety needs.

According to USA Today, the arresting officer noted that Dragun appeared to be female, but she wanted to be recognized as a male.

Out Magazine criticized the incident, stating that it was a “human rights violation” to place Dragun in a men's jail.

In an article, Out writer Meher Rude called out the idea that Dragun would spend five years in a men's prison for allegedly throwing a water bottle at a cop. She also stated that no woman should be placed in a men's jail.

Dragun appeared in court on Tuesday for her bail hearing. During the proceeding, the judge refused to move her to a women's facility, stating that he didn't make rules.

Perez Hilton, a left-wing celebrity blogger, criticized the situation, stating that it was “disappointing and disturbing” that Dragun was placed in a men's jail. He also said that it was inappropriate for authorities to have placed her in a facility that houses men.

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