What’s Next For Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, and Georgia’s Uncalled Senate Races

In the wake of Tuesday's midterm elections, four senate contests — in Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, and Georgia — remain undecided. However, we may have to wait varying amounts of time to learn the outcomes depending on the state.While mail-in ballots are still being counted in Arizona and Nevada, ranked-choice voting in Alaska indicates that the Republican party will maintain control of the state. However, in December, there will be a second round of voting to determine who will represent Georgia in the Senate.

Mail-in votes in Arizona were to be received by county election authorities by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. on election night, local time. Before any votes may be tallied, however, signature verification must be performed on each one. Due to Maricopa County being one of the biggest voting jurisdictions in the country and receiving hundreds of thousands of mail-in votes, this is the primary cause of the state's election results being delayed.A tight contest between Republican Blake Masters and incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly may not be called until the last round of votes is reviewed, which may take days.

Ballots sent in by mail in Nevada must have a postmark on Election Day, although they may arrive as late as the following Saturday and still be tallied. Officials have received hundreds of them since Tuesday, and the race between Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto and Republican Adam Laxalt is still close.

Clark County, Nevada's most populous county, has said that the final results will be released no later than Tuesday, November 15, and that the deadline for verifying mail-in votes is Tuesday, November 15.

Both Republican incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski and challenger Kelly Tshibaka have secured huge enough leads to make it very improbable that any other candidate would surpass them when the first round of Alaska's ranked-choice voting system is applied. Which Republican will prevail is the only open question.

The second vote tally, slated on November 23, is when the victor of the race will most likely be established.

Since no candidate in Georgia received more than 50% of the vote, the top two finishers will face battle in a runoff on December 6: Republican Herschel Walker and incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

After Thanksgiving, counties throughout the state will begin holding early voting, with the precise day varying by jurisdiction. As of the 28th of November, early voting must have begun in all counties.The Senate is now divided 50–50 between Democrats and Republicans, with the Vice President's tie-breaking vote giving the Democrats the slimmest possible majority.

Taking control of the Senate will need the Republicans to win at least two of the three remaining elections, since Alaska is almost certainly going to remain red.

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