Trump Should Ignore GOP Advice To Delay Announcement

It's been reported that Donald Trump has been eyeing a potential presidential run for months. However, the Republican leadership did not want him to make a big announcement before the mid-term elections.

Trump revealed during a rally last week that he would make an announcement regarding his future presidential run at 9 pm on Monday, November 14. However, he noted that this would not happen due to the results of the elections in several states.

The Georgia run off election is scheduled for December 6. If the results of the elections in Arizona and Nevada are close, it could determine who will control the Senate.

Back in June, it was reported that Trump was preparing to make a big announcement regarding his potential presidential run. This was confirmed by an unofficial YouTube video showing the former president's plane getting a new paint job.

Some of the candidates that Trump endorsed did not perform well in the elections. As a result, more Republicans are now supporting Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor. However, DeSantis would have a hard time defeating Trump in the primaries.

According to various reports, Trump has started to "demilitarize" the race between him and DeSantis. He accused the former of playing games and manipulating the media.
In an email to his supporters, Trump claimed that the media is supporting Ron DeSantis. He referred to the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and the New York Post as his supporters.

Fox News also supported DeSantis after the mid-term elections, where he was able to defeat his opponent. The network ran an op-ed stating that he was the new leader of the Republican Party.
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