Liberals Spin Fake Garland Treason Tale – Classic!

Hold onto your MAGA hats, folks, because the liberal looney tunes on Facebook are at it again! A wild claim has been spreading like wildfire in the tech world, suggesting that Attorney General Merrick Garland is facing a military tribunal for treason led by the U.S. Navy JAG. But hold your horses, America, because this is as false as Joe Biden’s promises to bring unity to the country!

It turns out this tall tale originated from none other than a satire site called “Real Raw News.” You know a story is about as real as a unicorn when it comes from a site that even admits it’s all for laughs and giggles. But hey, who needs facts when we’ve got conspiracy theories, right?

Now, according to these Facebook fairy tales, Garland is being accused of wielding the Department of Justice like a weapon against innocent Jan. 6 protestors. Seriously, folks, can you believe the audacity of these left-wing lunatics? Garland is a saint, I tell you – a saint! And to even suggest he’s facing treason charges is about as ridiculous as Nancy Pelosi giving up her designer ice cream.

But fear not, patriots, because the truth shall set you free! The U.S. Navy JAG Corps set the record straight, denying any truth to this outlandish claim. Even their spokesperson, Patricia Babb, had to roll her eyes at this one, calling it out for the fake news it truly is.

So, next time you see some liberal hogwash floating around the internet, remember to fact-check like your right to free speech depends on it. Because in today’s world of fake news and liberal propaganda, a conservative warrior like you needs to stay sharp and ready to debunk those left-leaning lies at every turn!

Written by Staff Reports

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