Libs DESPERATE to take down Fox News, settlement shocks MSM

The liberal propaganda machine was foaming at the mouth for a shot at taking down Fox News. They had their chance when the Dominion Systems filed a $1.6 billion lawsuit against the network, alleging defamation over the election machines used in the 2020 election. Liberals were salivating with anticipation, hoping for a court battle that would destroy Fox News once and for all. But guess what? It didn’t happen! Fox News settled with Dominion for a fraction of the amount they were sued for. And all of a sudden, liberals were crying foul play, still hoping for a chance to bring Fox News down.

Fox News released a statement, in which they acknowledged the false claims made against Dominion and committed to the highest journalistic standards. But the left-wing media wasn’t having any of it, with CNN’s Jake Tapper going so far as to label Fox News as “not a journalistic organization” that chases ratings. Excuse me, Jake? Does the name Nick Sandmann ring a bell? CNN was successfully sued for defamation after falsely portraying a high school kid as the “face of an unruly mob” in a story that chased ratings.

Clearly, CNN shouldn’t be the one slinging mud when their own house is built on the same shaky foundation they’re accusing Fox News of having. It’s time for the left-wing media to stop playing the victim and accept that they’re not without fault. Fox News settled the lawsuit amicably, and it’s time for everyone to move forward from these issues. The leftist propaganda train shouldn’t stop every time they think they’ve found a way to take down a conservative outlet. It’s time to grow up and do some real journalism!

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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