Trump’s Bold Plan to End Homelessness: Arrests, Rehab & Helping Our Veterans

Former President Donald Trump is taking a bold stance against the worsening homelessness issue that has plagued America’s once-great cities since Obama’s radical policies. He released his plan on Tuesday to address this pervasive problem, stating that “the homeless have no right to turn every park and sidewalk into a place for them to squat and do drugs.”

Trump’s proposed solution is straightforward and effective – getting the homeless off the streets and into rehabilitation programs. Urban camping will be banned, and those who violate the ban will be arrested or given an option to receive treatment for their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The 45th president emphasized the need to open large parcels of inexpensive land, where leading medical professionals, drug rehab specialists and social workers can care for the homeless while simultaneously addressing their underlying problems. These parcels of land will be utilized to help veterans and those with mental health disorders find the treatment and care they need.

This solid plan is only a fraction of what America spends on other countries, and it seeks to eradicate the worsening homelessness issue that has been perpetuated and worsened under Democrat reign.

It is time for America to put its people first, and as Trump said, “we will bring back America” with cleaner, safer, and beautiful cities.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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