Trump Dominates Florida: Gain 7 Endorsements While DeSantis Lags Behind

Donald Trump, the previous President of the United States, is building momentum as he gears up for the 2024 Presidential Election. He is garnering more support from members of Congress in Florida, his home state, with seven endorsements from the state's delegation, as well as from various regions across the nation. This approach has given Trump an advantage over his potential rival, Governor Ron DeSantis, who has only secured three endorsements from House representatives up to this point.

Donald Trump's campaign has received endorsements from prominent figures and emerging stars within the GOP, such as Reps. Matt Gaetz, Anna Paulina Luna, Byron Donalds, and Cory Mills. In contrast, Rep. Greg Stube (R-FL) stated that Governor DeSantis' office approached him only recently for an endorsement, despite Stube serving in Congress for five years without any contact from DeSantis. Stube recalled a news conference where DeSantis' aides invited him to stand alongside the governor, but later retracted the invitation upon his arrival.

Greg Stube highlighted a clear difference between the communication styles of former President Donald Trump and the current Governor of Florida. Stube praised Trump's character and empathy towards others, citing a heartwarming phone call he received from Trump while hospitalized after an accident. In contrast, Stube reported that the current Governor of Florida has struggled to effectively communicate with Congress, as evidenced by Stube's own experience and similar stories from others. Trump, on the other hand, has been known to stay in touch with the right people.

Despite meeting with Governor DeSantis, Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) endorsed former President Trump, stating that he believes Trump is the only leader capable of saving America from the current leftist movement, as reported by NBC News. In contrast, the pro-DeSantis super PAC called "Never Back Down" recently announced another endorsement for the incumbent Governor from Rep. Laurel Lee.

The tension between supporters of Trump and DeSantis is intensifying on social media, providing a preview of the potentially brutal GOP primary should DeSantis choose to run for president after the end of the Florida state legislative session in May. Despite this, it appears that the path to securing the GOP candidacy is leaning in favor of former President Trump, who has consistently been a strong advocate for the conservative Republican platform.

Written by Staff Reports

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