Libs Rope Judge to Block Trump’s White House Ride

Alrighty folks, put on your cowboy hats and grab a rootin’ tootin’ beverage, because it’s time to mosey on down to the latest rodeo in the wild west of politics! The liberal cowpokes at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington have lassoed themselves a Colorado judge, Sarah B. Wallace, and dragged her into their legal corral to try and keep our favorite rodeo clown, former President Donald Trump, from getting back into the saddle.


Yeehaw, things are getting mighty heated as Judge Wallace is fixin’ to hear the final showdown between the fancy city lawyers and those who believe that our cowboy-in-chief should be kicked out of the rodeo for good. The showdown will take place in just two days, and let me tell ya, it’s gonna be more suspenseful than a high noon duel at the OK Corral!

Now, hold onto your hats, folks, because these city slickers are tryin’ to use some ol’ Civil War law, the 14th Amendment, to stick it to Trump and keep him from ridin’ back into the White House. They’re claimin’ that Trump was involved in some sorta “insurrection” during that big ol’ Capitol shindig on January 6, 2021, and that’s why he shouldn’t be allowed to run for office again.

But hold onto your horses, folks, ’cause these liberal varmints have been gettin’ themselves thrown out of the saloon left and right! Just last week, the Minnesota Supreme Court wouldn’t even let ’em in the door, and the Michigan judge gave ’em the boot, sayin’ the decision should be left to the bigwigs in Congress.

And let’s not forget, the Trump campaign is callin’ all this hullabaloo “election interference” and “anti-democratic.” You tell ’em, Mr. President! They’re tryin’ to wrangle away the choice of the good folks who want to see Trump back in the saddle. I say, let the people decide who they want to lead ’em across the prairie!

Now, Judge Wallace better watch her back, ’cause you can bet your bottom dollar that whatever decision she makes is gonna get thrown up to the Colorado Supreme Court faster than a bronco in a rodeo. And from there, who knows, it might even end up in the U.S. Supreme Court. The stakes are higher than a mountain peak, and the whole darn country is watchin’ to see how this rodeo turns out.

So, saddle up, folks, ’cause the show’s about to begin! Grab your popcorn and your lassos, ’cause this here legal showdown is gonna be one for the history books! Yeehaw!

Written by Staff Reports

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