Louisiana Overrides Veto: Childhood Sex-Change Surgeries Now Outlawed!

In a move that will surely ruffle some feathers, those feisty Louisiana lawmakers voted to give a big ol’ override to the Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto on a bill that would put the kibosh on gender reassignment surgeries for minors. The Louisiana House of Representatives did some serious voting, with a whopping 75 lawmakers saying “heck yeah” to override that veto. This means that House Bill 648, daintily titled the Stop Harming Our Kids Act, will now become law and prevent medical providers in the state from doing any of that gender reassignment surgery stuff or prescribing puberty blockers to the young whipper-snappers.

But it gets even juicier, folks! The Louisiana Senate, where those cheeky Republicans are in control, also joined the override party. Turns out, one of those crafty Democrats couldn’t resist the temptation and joined the Republicans in this daring feat. The Senate voted in favor of the measure during a swift veto session that only lasted a few hours. That’s some impressive efficiency, if you ask me.

Oh, and did you catch this little nugget? State Senator Gabe Firment, the clever fellow who sponsored the bill, had a hunch it would be “veto proof” because Republicans run the show in both chambers of Congress. He even thanked the Louisiana State Senate for showing bipartisan support and going to bat for the kiddos. It’s all about protecting the children, after all.

Well, Governor Edwards didn’t take too kindly to this legislative circus. He vetoed the bill back on June 29, claiming that it would deny healthcare to a small and vulnerable group of children. But his veto was swiftly swatted away like a bothersome mosquito. In a statement, the Governor expressed his disappointment and vowed that the courts will likely strike down the bill for being unconstitutional. Only time will tell, won’t it, Governor?

Now, Louisiana will join the ranks of those mighty 20 other states that have banned “gender affirming care” for minors. And y’all, in the South, all the states except the Carolinas have said “nope” to those kinds of practices. But don’t worry, the Carolinas are considering their options so they can join the party too. Oh, and just for your information, North Carolina’s Democratic governor is expected to veto the state legislature’s ban. Boo to that, I say!

Written by Staff Reports

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