Louisiana Town Bows to Free Speech, Ends Anti-Biden Flag Ban

A Coastal Town Overturns Silly Ordinance to Stop Anti-Biden Flags

Finally, a victory for free speech! A Louisiana coastal town is about to put an end to a ridiculous ordinance that was clearly created to silence a local resident who dared to fly anti-Biden flags on his truck. Can you imagine the audacity? The Associated Press reports that the city has decided to reverse its stance after a legal settlement was reached in federal court.

All this hoopla started when Ross Brunet, a contractor in Grand Isle, decided to exercise his right to express his political beliefs through flags on his truck. Well, apparently the town didn’t like his choice of words. Brunet received not one, not two, but four citations for displaying flags that said “F*** Biden” and “F*** for voting for him.” Oh, the horror.

The local law enforcement officials claimed that Brunet’s flags violated the town’s rules on “patently obscene” words. Can you believe that? It’s as if they’ve never heard of the First Amendment. Thankfully, Brunet fought back and won against those four citations. But that didn’t stop the town from hounding him with three more citations.

Finally, Grand Isle thought they had found a way to shut Brunet up by passing an ordinance banning vehicle signs of a certain size and those containing “offensive and vulgar” wording. Well, you know what they say, when one door closes, another opens. The Tulane First Amendment law clinic swooped in and filed a lawsuit on Brunet’s behalf, arguing that his political speech is protected by the Constitution.

And guess what? They were right! The settlement filed in federal court states that Grand Isle will repeal the ordinance by October 20th. Hallelujah! Finally, these bureaucrats are beginning to understand the importance of the First Amendment. Not only that, but Brunet will also receive $40,000 as compensation for the damages he suffered and his attorney fees. That’s justice!

This victory against censorship of political speech is truly impressive. It’s about time that we remind these outrageous local ordinances who’s boss. We must never back down when it comes to protecting our First Amendment rights. After all, the beauty of our democracy is that we can express our opinions freely, even if some people find them offensive. So, fly those flags high, America, and let freedom ring!

Written by Staff Reports

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