Biden’s Poll Plunge Spells Triumph for GOP Hopefuls!

The latest poll conducted by Harvard's CAPS-Harris Poll revealed that Biden's support has dropped significantly. He is currently in third place, behind former President Trump, US Senator Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley. The survey also revealed that only 40% of respondents would support Biden in 2024 if they faced off against Trump.

The results of a survey revealed that Biden is behind both Scott and Haley. When asked which candidate they would prefer to see become the next president, Biden received 37 percent, while Haley was at 41 percent. This indicates that many Americans are ready for a change and are worried about his cognitive abilities and age.

The results of this poll are a resounding reminder to Democrats that their chances of winning in the next election are in jeopardy. As the incumbent, Joe Biden should be leading the polls, but he is currently trailing several potential opponents. Moreover, concerns about his cognitive abilities and age are not going away.

The latest controversies surrounding Joe Biden's statements and actions have raised questions about his fitness for the office. These numbers suggest that it will be very difficult for him to turn things around.

It is encouraging to see that many Republicans are leading in the polls, as it shows that people are searching for an alternative to what they see as Biden's weak leadership and failed policies. In addition, it shows that Donald Trump continues to be popular among voters.

Despite the lack of support from the polls, it is still encouraging to see that both Scott and Haley are maintaining their support. This shows that Republicans can still gain ground in the upcoming election. The results of this poll also suggest that the public is not ready for a change.

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