Maine Rejects Eco-Fantasy, Keeps Gas Cars Alive!

Maine Says No to California’s Crazy Electric Car Mandate!

The Maine Board of Environmental Protection has given a big fat “NO” to the silly idea of forcing Mainers to drive around in expensive electric cars. The proposed Advanced Clean Cars program, coming straight out of California, would have made it so over half of new cars in Maine had to be electric by 2028 and a whopping 82 percent by 2032. That’s just plain ridiculous!

Luckily, some sensible folks in Maine spoke up against this nonsense. GOP state Rep. Jack Ducharme, representing nearly 8,400 hardworking Mainers, explained that the people he represents just can’t afford these fancy electric cars. It’s not that they don’t want to be all environmentally friendly, but shucks, they’re just trying to make ends meet!

And it’s not just the regular folks who had a problem with this harebrained idea. Maine Senate Republican Leader Trey Stewart mentioned that the state received a whopping 1,800 comments from residents, and guess what? Most of them weren’t too keen on the whole EV mandate thing. They brought up real issues, like the fact that rural Maine doesn’t have enough charging stations for these electric whiz-bang cars and that they might not even work in extreme cold. It’s like trying to sell swimsuits in a blizzard!

Now, you might think that Democratic Rep. Jared Golden would be disappointed, but he actually thought it was the right move to say “no way, Jose” to this outlandish proposal. He knows that everyday Mainers need affordable transportation, not some fancy luxury car that costs an arm and a leg.

But hold onto your hat, folks! While Maine has stood up against this electric car silliness, there are still more than a dozen states out there that have drunk the California Kool-Aid and are buying into their EV regulations. These regulations would force everyone to buy electric cars by 2035. Can you believe it? What’s next, a ban on pickup trucks and apple pie?

And where does Democratic Gov. Janet Mills stand on all this? Well, she hasn’t given her two cents yet, but she’s been making a big fuss about fighting climate change. Maybe someone needs to tell her that Mainers have more important things to worry about than some wacky California rules.

In the end, Maine did the right thing by saying “no thanks” to California’s crazy idea. Let’s hope other states use a little more common sense before they drink the electric Kool-Aid too!

Written by Staff Reports

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