Trump Trounces Biden on Immigration, Scores Big with Hispanics

In a recent segment on CNN, senior data reporter Harry Enten pointed out a “tremendous change” in polling on the immigration issue since the 2020 election, revealing former President Donald Trump’s huge lead over President Joe Biden. Enten emphasized the stark contrast in voter attitudes, exclaiming, “This is one of the trend lines that I think really tells the story that is the difference between this election and the 2020 election.”

The data guru went on to explain, “So, if you ask voters, who do you think would do a better job handling border security and immigration, what do we see? We see that back in 2020, it was basically a dead even split, right? Joe Biden was slightly favored, but not overwhelmingly. And of course, he slightly won the election, not overwhelmingly so.”

According to Real Clear Politics’ average of surveys, Biden’s approval rating on immigration currently sits at a dismal 32.6 percent. Enten emphasized the shift in public sentiment, exclaiming, “Look at where we are today. In a Marquette University Law School poll that was put out last month, look at that advantage that … Donald Trump has on immigration and border security. It’s near 30 points. This is a tremendous change that’s going on and it’s no wonder that Donald Trump is running on immigration and he’s not just running on it in a Republican primary, he’s running on it in the general election.”

The data expert also shed light on Biden’s struggle to maintain support among Latino voters in the Southwest, stating, “If you ask Hispanic voters, who do they trust more on border security and immigration, overwhelmingly, they trust Donald Trump more, by a tremendous margin.” Enten reiterated the surprising statistics, saying, “Look at that, 49 percent to 24 percent and that is in line with what we are seeing in the polls in general amongst Hispanics, right?”

In a twist of fate for the Democratic Party, Enten brought up an unforeseen shift in polling among Hispanic voters, noting, “Even though Biden won the Hispanic vote overwhelmingly in 2020, the polling has now shifted. If you look at the polling right now, an average of polling amongst Hispanic voters, who did they choose in the ballot test? It’s barely Biden, Biden by about two points. It would be the smallest margin for any Democratic candidate among Hispanic voters since we started polling the gosh darn thing.”

The striking revelations made by Enten concerning Trump’s meteoric rise and Biden’s faltering support among voters, particularly among the Hispanic demographic, certainly underpin the growing conservative momentum in the political landscape. It’s evident that the winds of change have been blowing in Trump’s favor, as his unwavering stance on immigration and border security continues to resonate with a significant portion of the electorate.

Written by Staff Reports

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