Maine Rep Golden Breaks Ranks, Rejects Biden for Trump Amid Supreme Court Ruling

Maine Rep. Jared Golden, a Democrat from a swing district Republicans are eyeing like hawks, isn’t losing any sleep over President Biden’s disastrous debate performance. Golden has seen the writing on the wall for a while now and it spells out a Trump victory in November. No hand-holding needed; Golden straight up said he’s not voting for Biden and is totally fine with Trump winning.

Golden doesn’t follow the typical left-wing script, which probably explains why he’s managed to stay afloat in a district that went for Trump in the last two presidential elections. He’s not buying into the usual Democratic panic that a Trump win means the apocalypse. According to Golden, unlike Biden, he’s out to stop the scare tactics and campaign on real issues.

Adding fuel to the fire, this comes right after the Supreme Court handed down a ruling giving ex-presidents like Trump broad immunity from prosecution for official actions. Democrats are already clutching their pearls, fearing another Trump term is the last nail in democracy’s coffin. Golden, however, argues that America’s democracy has survived worse and anyone saying otherwise is just trying to whip up hysteria.

Meanwhile, Austin Theriault, the Republican gunning for Golden’s seat, called him out for riding the fence. Theriault wants to know what’s up: Does Golden think Biden is fit for office or not? Golden plays coy, focusing on how his congressional work is more crucial than the presidential circus.

Golden isn’t sparing Trump from his arguments. He highlights how centrist lawmakers, presumably including himself, kept Trump in check when the GOP tried to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Golden’s message to his constituents is clear: He’ll work with Trump when it’s good for Maine and fight him when it’s not, regardless of what the GOP bigwigs want.

Golden plans to support Trump’s trade policies to protect American businesses from unfair foreign competition while opposing the old GOP guard’s usual game of handouts to the elite. He’s urging voters to stop listening to the political class’s scare stories and trust in the resilience of American democracy.

As Independence Day rolls around, Golden suggests people reflect on the strength of America, rest assured that our democracy can’t be taken down by just one man. Classic move—appealing to patriotism while throwing shade at his own party.

Written by Staff Reports

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