Jake Tapper Turns on Biden: Calls Out Admin’s Orwellian Tactics!

CNN’s resident Trump critic, Jake Tapper, seems to have momentarily taken off his anti-MAGA glasses to notice something Orwellian wafting from the Biden basement. It’s not every day that one hears a CNN anchor utter anything remotely critical of the progressive idol, Joe Biden, yet here we are. Tapper, possibly in a rare fit of journalistic integrity, has accused the White House and the Biden campaign of employing Orwellian tactics to muzzle those disagreeing with their narrative.

It’s truly a head-scratcher. This crusader against all things Trump has now seen the light on the Left’s tendency to stifle dissent. The old saying about stopped clocks comes to mind. Tapper pointed out how the Biden administration has been working diligently to keep differing opinions, especially conservative ones, from seeing the light of day. One has to wonder if Tapper’s next move involves enrolling in a PragerU seminar.

The administration, which loves to paint itself as the ultimate champion of democracy and free speech, has instead adopted a playbook that would make Big Brother proud. The tactics in question seem to range from pressuring social media giants to censor inconvenient viewpoints to outright misinformation straight from the Oval Office. It’s rich, really—an administration that promised to restore the soul of America appears to have sold it to the Ministry of Truth.

Perhaps Tapper caught wind of the growing discontent among everyday Americans who are tired of being force-fed a steady diet of progressive propaganda. Maybe he even stumbled upon a few conservative blogs that lampoon the charade for what it is. For a brief, shining moment, he acknowledged the glaring hypocrisy: a supposedly transparent administration using every trick in the book to ensure that transparency is the last thing anyone gets.

Jake Tapper calling out Biden’s gaslighting would be like a vegan finding a filet mignon irresistible—not the norm. But here’s to hoping it’s a harbinger of things to come. Imagine a media landscape where truth, no matter how inconvenient to the powers that be, gets its moment in the sun. Until then, conservatives everywhere will have to keep pointing out that the Orwellian emperor has no clothes.

Written by Staff Reports

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