Maine SecState Axes Trump from 2024 Ballot, Sparks LEGAL WAR!

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, a big-time Democrat, dropped a whopping 34-page hammer on Thursday, declaring that former President Donald Trump is not welcome on her state’s 2024 ballot. She pulled out all the stops by holding a hearing back in December and considering three challenges to Trump’s eligibility, citing sections of the Fourteenth and Twenty-Second Amendments. Bellows stood her ground and boldly proclaimed, “Sorry, Don, but your name ain’t gonna be on those ballots, y’hear?”

In her ruling, Bellows cited Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment, which goes a little something like this: If you’ve taken an oath to support the Constitution and then gone and messed around with insurrection against the good ole U.S. of A, well, you can kiss any hopes of holding office goodbye. She made sure to remind everyone that she takes her job super seriously, and she’s not about to let just anyone waltz onto the ballot.

Bellows made it crystal clear that she didn’t come to this decision lightly. Oh no, she emphasized that democracy is sacred and that the state’s highest court has always echoed the sentiment that having a say in who makes the laws is super duper important. But wait for it—she apparently thinks this “precious right” isn’t for those who happened to support the 45th president. 

Their spokesman, Steven Cheung, didn’t mince words, calling Bellows “a virulent leftist” and accusing her of meddling in the election to give “Crooked Joe Biden” an unfair advantage. He even went as far as saying that these shenanigans were an “attempted theft” of the election and a total betrayal of the American voter. 

The Trump campaign isn’t going down without a fight. Cheung promised to bust out the legal big guns to stop Bellows in her tracks, and he’s confident that the all-American people and the Constitution are on their side. Cheung made sure to throw in a little jab about how Trump’s campaign is sitting pretty in the polls, while Biden’s presidency is apparently circling the drain. 

Just like in Michigan, Minnesota, and a bunch of federal courts across the land, the Trump train is ready to rumble in Maine. They’re not letting Bellows rain on their parade without a fierce legal tussle.

Guess who’s behind this whole ballot brouhaha? None other than Shenna Bellows, the former aspiring U.S. Senator from Maine who got trounced by Republican Senator Susan Collins. She then hightailed it over to the state Senate before snagging the Maine Secretary of State gig.

Written by Staff Reports

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