Manchin’s Epic Tease: 2024 Run Decision Looms!

Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, has revealed that he will make a decision on whether to launch a third-party bid for the White House by the end of this year. In an interview with Fox News, Manchin expressed his belief that people are not satisfied with the current field of Democrat and Republican candidates, and he questioned why there shouldn’t be more options available. The host, Shannon Bream, acknowledged that many people see Manchin as a viable option and asked about his timeline for making a decision.

While Manchin did not provide a specific timeline during the interview, he expressed his openness to running and stated that he could bring people together. This comes as the calendar ticks closer to the end of the year, which Manchin has previously mentioned as the timeframe for his decision. If he does decide to run, he will have to carefully consider whether or not to also seek re-election for his Senate seat, which is up in 2024.

Manchin’s interest in a third-party bid stems from his concerns about the increasing polarization within the two major parties. He believes that there is a substantial number of individuals who fall in the center-left and center-right and could benefit from a centrist option. He praised Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for his recent actions in passing a continuing resolution with bipartisan support, indicating his belief that reasonable people understand the need for compromise. Manchin expressed hope that both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump would return to a more centrist approach to governance.

The potential for third-party challenges, both inside and outside of the Democratic Party, could pose a challenge to President Biden’s reelection campaign. Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and author Marianne Williamson have already launched their own bids for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, and there are murmurs that Congressman Dean Phillips from Minnesota might consider challenging Biden as well. The idea of a third-party challenge has raised alarm bells among Democrats, who fear it could split the Democratic vote and inadvertently benefit Republicans.

Overall, Joe Manchin’s potential third-party bid for the presidency adds an intriguing element to the upcoming election cycle. His centrist approach and willingness to work with members of both parties could resonate with voters who are tired of extreme partisanship. However, the impact of such a bid on the overall election remains to be seen. Democrats will undoubtedly be closely watching Manchin’s decision and its potential implications for their party’s success in 2024.

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