Nikki Haley Outsmarted by Trump Campaign in Gut-Busting Prank Saga!

Nikki Haley’s team is making a splash by accusing former President Donald Trump’s campaign of leaving a birdcage and bag of feed at her hotel room door. They even took to social media to share a photo of the surprising gift. The hashtags they used, like “#PrettyPatheticTryAgain” and “#YouJustMadeMyCaseForMe,” show just how unimpressed they were. It’s got people wondering who was behind this stunt – was it Trump’s team, his loyal supporters, or maybe even Haley’s own campaign trying to get some attention?

Although the note with the gift claimed it was from the Trump team, nobody has officially taken credit for it. The big question now is whether the Haley camp will try to find out who sent it. One thing’s for sure, this unexpected present has added fuel to the fire of their rivalry.

Trump’s nickname for Haley, “Birdbrain,” originated from a post on Truth Social. After a lackluster GOP debate, he accused her of going back on her promise not to challenge him for the party’s presidential nomination. Trump’s exact words were, “MAGA or I, will never go for Birdbrain Nikki Haley. No loyalty, plenty of lies!” Ouch! He even mentioned that she came to Mar-a-Lago with her family, “bearing gifts,” implying that she was trying to win his favor.

Haley’s chances of making it to future televised debates are looking grim due to poor polling. The stricter qualifications for the GOP debate stage have made it much harder for her. She just barely qualified for the last one. Currently, she’s polling behind Trump, Ron DeSantis, and newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy. Not a great place to be if she wants a shot at the presidency.

To add insult to injury, Trump has already announced that he’s skipping the next GOP debate. Clearly, he doesn’t see Haley or any of his other competitors as a threat. He’s focused on taking on President Joe Biden in the general election next year. And with Haley’s struggling poll numbers, it’s clear why he’s not worried.

Written by Staff Reports

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