Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Went VIRAL For This

Aside from rising food prices, farmers in America are also dealing with a massive problem with wild hogs.

In her ad, which was released by the Washington Examiner, Congressman Taylor Greene stated that she was going to hunt wild hogs. She then promoted her contest, where people could join her in Texas for a good ole' fashioned hunt. She referred to Democrats as farmers who destroy crops when it comes to dealing with wild hogs.

According to a report by the Next News Network, a woman named Marjorie Taylor Greene was recently the victim of a violent and unsettling incident that involved a fake bomb. She talked about how people can help prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

After the incident, which occurred at around 1 am on Wednesday, Representative Taylor Greene posted a message on Twitter.

In a statement, she thanked the law enforcers in Floyd County, who were able to quickly respond to the incident.

In her statement, she also talked about her frightening experience with Jack Posobiec. It's great that a member of Congress is holding a contest to hunt wild hogs. But it's also amazing to see how resilient she is.

Written by Staff Reports

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