Trump RIPS Into New York AG In Charge Of Latest Witchhunt

As OANN reports, Donald Trump criticized New York Attorney General Letia James for filing a lawsuit against him and his family for alleged fraud. During a recent interview, the former president claimed that James has been targeting him for years.

James has accused Donald Trump of misleading the banks. Trump had claimed that he had paid all of the banks in full.

Trump called James a disaster and referred to her as an individual who has been going after him for years. She reportedly said that he might have misrepresented the situation with banks.

Trump claimed that the violent crime in New York is one of the reasons why people have left the state. He also said that the state's attorney general doesn't care about the issues affecting the people of her state.

James is seeking damages of $250 million and is also trying to prevent the Trump family from holding positions on corporate boards in New York.

Written by Staff Reports

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