Mayorkas Casts Doubt on Biden Border Actions

The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, questioned the potential executive actions President Joe Biden could take regarding the southern border. Mayorkas expressed doubts during an interview about what new actions could be legally viable or survive court challenges. President Biden has been evaluating various options behind closed doors, including potential asylum reforms.

President Biden mentioned in an interview that he was exploring his authority to address illegal immigration but highlighted the uncertainty of his powers without legislative support. The Biden administration previously reversed several border security policies implemented by the Trump administration using executive orders. Among the considerations were raising asylum standards and providing permanent residency to long-term illegal immigrants with family ties at risk of deportation.

Despite the ongoing surge in illegal immigration at the southern border, the Biden administration reportedly does not feel immediate pressure to take additional executive actions. Border Patrol has seen a significant increase in migrant encounters in recent years, with over 1.6 million encounters in fiscal year 2021 alone.

Secretary Mayorkas faced criticism and was impeached in the House of Representatives for his handling of border security issues. However, the impeachment attempt was dismissed in the Senate. Mayorkas has been under fire for previously denying the border crisis label but acknowledged the situation as a crisis during a congressional testimony.

The Department of Homeland Security did not provide immediate comments in response to inquiries. The surge in illegal immigration remains a significant concern, highlighting the need for effective border control measures. The conservative viewpoint may suggest that stronger enforcement and policies are essential to secure the border and protect national security interests.

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