Media Hides Biden’s $40k Check: Comer Blasts their Financial Ignorance!

Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky expressed his frustration with journalists who, in his view, downplayed the significance of a $40,000 check that President Joe Biden received. Comer had brought attention to a $200,000 check in a previous instance, which he claimed was used for a personal loan repayment. He took issue with CNN reporter Daniel Dale's "fact check" from October 31, which supported the Democrats' assertion about the $200,000 check.

In an interview with Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, Comer criticized what he saw as a lack of financial literacy among some journalists. He pointed out that some reporters had accepted the explanation that the check was evidence of a loan repayment without further investigation. Comer emphasized that whether the $200,000 was a loan or not was less important than the broader issue of an influence-peddling scheme that allowed money to be transferred from James Biden to Joe Biden.

Comer also revealed that the $40,000 check was linked to a deal mentioned in emails found on Hunter Biden's laptop, which had initially been reported by The New York Post in October 2020. He stressed that the laptop's authenticity and the contents had been confirmed, despite initial claims of it being Russian disinformation. Comer stated that their seven-month-long investigation had demonstrated that Joe Biden not only met with but also spoke to every individual associated with the money his family received.

In conclusion, Comer reiterated that the falsehoods they had exposed seemed to be never-ending. His bold statements and commitment to challenging journalists underscored his determination to uncover the truth and hold the Biden family accountable.

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