Megyn Kelly Hilariously Rips Clinton for Over-Retouched Book Cover and Dubious Debate Advice

Hillary Clinton’s latest endeavors have sparked some well-deserved mockery from conservative commentator Megyn Kelly. Clinton’s new book cover for “Something Lost, Something Gained” raised eyebrows for the excessive retouching that made her nearly unrecognizable. Kelly didn’t hold back, noting the irony of Clinton’s attempt to erase signs of aging while still fixated on her loss to Trump.

In addition to the book cover debacle, Clinton’s op-ed on debating Trump also came under fire from Kelly. Clinton’s claims of success in the debates were quickly debunked as Kelly pointed out the obvious flaw: if she knew how to defeat Trump, why wasn’t she the president? The op-ed’s lack of self-awareness was glaring, with Clinton dismissing the need to challenge Trump’s falsehoods, perhaps because she couldn’t match his appeal to working-class Americans.

Drawing parallels between Clinton’s failed strategies and Biden’s current predicament, Kelly highlighted the similarities in their approaches. Like Clinton, Biden resorts to demonizing Trump instead of articulating substantive policy positions. Clinton’s endorsement of Biden as the “most empathetic” leader further showcases her disconnect from reality, as both candidates struggle to offer genuine solutions to voters.

Kelly and Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan discussed the biased treatment expected for Trump in future debates, noting the media’s inclination to shield Biden from tough questions about his cognitive decline or potential scandals. The moderators, likely leaning in favor of the Democrats, will present a challenge for Trump as he navigates not only Biden’s shortcomings but also the media’s partiality.

In the end, Kelly’s critique of Clinton’s misguided attempts to advise Biden is a cautionary tale. Clinton’s inability to grasp her defeat to Trump casts doubt on the credibility of her advice, suggesting that Biden would do well to steer clear of her counsel if he hopes to avoid a similar outcome. With the specter of biased moderators looming over future debates, Trump faces an uphill battle to engage with Biden on a level playing field.

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