Melania Trump Stays Away from Trial to Shield Family from Media Attacks

In the final days of former President Donald Trump’s New York trial, many people are watching to see who supports him. Critics have been spreading negative stories about his marriage with Melania Trump, questioning why she isn’t by his side at the trial. However, according to The Hill, Melania’s absence isn’t due to lack of support for her husband, but rather to avoid the media creating more negative stories.

Melania has a history of staying out of the public eye to protect her family, especially her son Barron Trump. Former adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff suggested that Melania might skip attending the trial to prevent facing humiliation and negative press. Wolkoff noted that Melania plans her actions carefully to avoid any criticism from the media.

Despite the speculation, President Trump has repeatedly addressed concerns about Melania not being present on the campaign trail, stating that she will join when she’s ready. Wolkoff highlighted Melania’s independence and strength, emphasizing that she doesn’t let others’ opinions affect her decisions.

It remains to be seen if Melania will appear at the trial, but it’s likely the media will use any opportunity to create false, negative narratives about the couple. Melania’s decision to stay away from the trial is a strategic move to protect her family and herself from unjust attacks by the media.

Written by Staff Reports

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