Rep. Tenney Calls for Special Counsel on Biden’s Israel Aid Delay

The Department of Justice should name a special counsel to investigate whether President Joe Biden broke any laws by postponing military aid to Israel, as requested by Representative Claudia Tenney (R-NY). Republicans in the House have criticized the president for what they see as a decline in American backing for Israel.

Tenney requested in writing that a special counsel be appointed to examine Biden's decision to withhold an arms shipment that contained 3,500 bombs from Attorney General Merrick Garland. Concerns about Israel's offensive in Rafah were the cause of the delay.

She highlighted the $26.38 billion Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, which included $4 billion for missile defense systems and humanitarian help for Gaza. Tenney contended that by delaying the delivery of this assistance, Biden was contravening the explicit purpose of the law and endangering Israel's security.

Tenney responded to the administration's activities by accusing Biden of flouting the law and meddling with Congress's constitutional authority. She pushed for a special counsel probe, insisting that these activities deserved one, and gave the AG until May 22 to answer.

Furthermore, the Israel Security Assistance Support Act, which demands that Israel receive weapons and money immediately and denounces Biden's decision to withhold help, is about to be put to a vote in the House. Republicans are pressing forward with their resolution to censure Biden in spite of the administration's intention to transfer more than $1 billion in weapons and ammunition to Israel.

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