Mike Pence Calls Out MLB for Indecent Drag Group Celebrations

Mike Pence, the former US Vice President, urged Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred to remove the group known as the Sisters of Perpetual indulgence from a Pride event after it was revealed that it had indecent images of nuns and Jesus Christ. The group was invited to the event by the Los Angeles Dodgers, but they were later disinviting them due to backlash.

After the LA Dodgers apologized for their actions, they reinstated the drag group. However, in a letter, Pence criticized the team's decision, stating that the group's indecent behavior could be harmful to children.

In a letter to the commissioner, Pence noted that despite the league's recent bad streak, baseball still has a lot of work to do to regain its reputation. Pride Night for the Dodgers, which is scheduled to take place on June 16, will feature the group known as the Sisters of Perpetual indulgence.

In response, Pence criticized MLB for moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta to a different city due to the state's voter ID law. He also stated that the league is standing by as the group known as the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence desecrated the national pastime in 2023.

Christian players from the Dodgers organization criticized the group's actions. Pitcher Blake Treinen stated that he was disappointed that the group was honored in public. He also noted that the members of the group exhibited intolerant behavior. Clayton Kershaw, a teammate of Treinen, said the group made fun of other religions. Trevor Williams, a pitcher for the Washington Nationals, criticized the group for making a mockery of his religion.

The letter from Pence is a reminder that Christians are an essential part of American society, and they should not be ridiculed or threatened. He also noted that upholding Christian values is a vital part of being a public figure.

Source: The Daily Caller

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