Mom Sues School Over Daughter’s Repeated Assaults

Last week, a mom filed a lawsuit against Verona Public Schools. She says her young daughter was sexually assaulted over 20 times by a boy in her elementary school, as per reports. The incidents allegedly happened when the girl was in first and second grades at F.N. Brown Elementary School.

The lawsuit claims that the male classmate would crawl under the girl’s bathroom stall to molest her. The girl, who was 6 and 7 years old at the time, suffered through this abuse from October 2021 to January 2023, according to sources. The suit details over 20 separate incidents of sexual abuse by the same student. 


It’s reported that the girl’s second-grade teacher found a note from the girl saying the boy was “bad.” When questioned, the girl explained that the boy did “bad things” and touched her inappropriately. However, the teacher allegedly made the girl apologize to the boy and did not report the incident. The suit also claims that the girl was made to continue sitting next to the boy in class, without intervention from the school.

After the girl’s mother discovered injuries, including genital abrasions and bleeding skin, the girl was taken to the doctor. Despite initial signs of trauma, the girl refused an examination. Medical professionals suggested she was experiencing stress and trauma-related symptoms. The girl spent over a week in the hospital.

The lawsuit alleges that the girl suffered significant emotional distress and trauma. The school district is currently investigating the allegations, as stated by Verona Schools Superintendent Diane DiGiuseppe. The girl has since been moved to a private school.

It is concerning that the school may have failed to protect the young girl from repeated sexual assaults. The lawsuit’s claims of negligence and lack of action by school officials are troubling. It is essential for schools to prioritize student safety and take immediate action when such serious allegations arise.

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