Monster Felon Meets Justice: Florida Deputy’s Showdown Saves 9-Year-Old From Fiery Fate!

In a startling and unsettling series of events, a convicted felon met his end after a dramatic confrontation with law enforcement in Sebring, Florida. According to reports from the Highland County Sheriff’s Office, 39-year-old Richard Ham was fatally shot by a Florida deputy following an assault on the officer with a rod and an abhorrent incident where he set fire to his girlfriend’s 9-year-old son, believing the child was “possessed by a demon.” This disturbing episode paints a harrowing picture of criminal behavior taken to demonic extremes.

The chaos unfolded when first responders were called to investigate a report of a suspicious roadside debris fire in the city of Sebring. Upon arrival, they encountered Ham, armed with metal poles, and witnesses attested to him and his girlfriend, Lakenya Phillips, setting fire to the possessions of Phillips’ son, whom Ham believed to be “possessed by a demon.” The situation escalated when Ham pushed the innocent boy into the flames and covered him with a burning blanket. Fortunately, the child managed to escape without sustaining serious injuries. When deputies demanded Ham's surrender, he defiantly refused and attacked an officer with a rod. Despite the use of a Taser having no effect, the confrontation resulted in Ham's fatal shooting by the deputy. The injured officer was treated and later released.

Adding further complexity, it was revealed that Phillips and her son had been reported as missing and endangered in Wichita, Kansas, two weeks prior. The circumstances of how they ended up nearly 1,500 miles away in Sebring, Florida, remain unclear. The Department of Children and Families now has custody of the young boy, who reportedly suffered neglect and threats from Ham.

The plot deepens with the discovery of multiple guns and drugs in the vehicle Ham and Phillips were traveling in. Phillips, taken into custody, faces numerous charges, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and cruelty toward a child. Prosecutors are contemplating a felony murder charge against her, alleging that her actions contributed to Ham’s demise. She has been denied bail and is awaiting further legal proceedings.

Ham's extensive criminal background, with convictions for armed felonies and drug possession in multiple states, underscores the gravity of the situation. This tragic and cautionary tale emphasizes the importance of preventing dangerous individuals with such histories from endangering communities.

The reprehensible acts committed by Ham and Phillips have left the community in shock and horror, serving as a stark reminder of the crucial role law enforcement plays in upholding justice and protecting innocent lives from those who seek to inflict harm.

Written by Staff Reports

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