Netanyahu’s Bold Ultimatum: Hamas Must Surrender or Perish

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boldly addressed his country and the world, giving the terrorist organization Hamas, which is sponsored by Iran, a stark choice: either submit or face certain defeat. Netanyahu declared, "We will continue the war until the end," demonstrating his unflinching resolve. till victory—that is, until Hamas is destroyed. People who believe that we will give up are not grounded in reality. From the first to the last, every terrorist affiliated with Hamas is mortal. They can only choose to give up or perish."

This firm position is taken at a critical juncture, when both Israel and the US reject calls for an indefinite truce, seeing any compromise as a gain for Hamas's evil goals. Secretary of State Blinken expressed similar views, stressing that Hamas must lay down its arms and stop using people as human shields in order for hostilities to end immediately. Israel offered a cease-fire for a while, but Hamas ruthlessly refused it, preferring to prolong the agony of innocent victims by imprisoning 150 people—including Americans—in the Gaza Strip.

Daily rocket assaults on heavily populated regions of Israel are proof that Hamas's relentless hostility is still present, even in the face of diplomatic efforts. This continued attack emphasizes the grave threat that Hamas poses, making immediate action necessary to protect Israeli lives.

Together with the US's continuous support, Prime Minister Netanyahu's unshakeable resolve sends a clear message to Hamas and its supporters: terrorism will not be tolerated, and those who incite bloodshed and prolong misery will encounter uncompromising resistance. The international community must support the Israeli people in their struggle against Hamas's deceitful tactics and uphold their legitimate right to self-defense against acts of terror without provocation.


Written by Staff Reports

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