MSM Shows True Colors, Attacks Rep. MTG as ‘Hitler-Like’

The mainstream media is up in arms yet again – this time over the appearance of GOP powerhouse Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (RPGs) on the popular news program “60 Minutes.” The Left-wing media outlet shared a post on Twitter hailing the interview with Greene as an opportunity to gain insight into a fearless and unapologetic representative.

However, the vitriol and hatred spewing from the liberal Twitter-sphere in response are no surprise. Far-Left extremist Elie Mystal and former CNN and NBC anchor Soledad O’Brien, were quick to deride Greene’s appearance, claiming that her moniker is a “complicit” way to glorify her. But the media is playing favorites here: would they have reacted in the same way if a left-wing representative made an appearance on the same program? Not a chance.

The hatred and nastiness didn’t stop there either. The former GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger, unsurprisingly expressed his disdain for the interview, calling it “insane” – just another example of a career politician attempting to pander to the woke elites in the mainstream media.

Perhaps the most offensive and tasteless of comments came from liberal actor Bradley Whitford, who compared Greene to Hitler. In a shocking display of Left-wing hyperbole, Whitford insinuated that Greene shared the same traits as one of the most notorious dictators in history.

In conclusion, the mainstream media continues to show their hypocrisy and bias towards those on the Right. The Left-wing media cannot tolerate a strong conservative representative like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene being given any airtime on a nationally televised program. But despite their hateful and spiteful comments, voters from around the country support and appreciate Greene’s bold leadership and steadfast principles in Congress.

Written by Staff Reports

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