MSNBC Spins Biden’s Mental Stumbles as Creative Editing, Claims Critics Duped by Hollywood Magic

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace has come to President Biden’s rescue by asserting that videos showing signs of his mental decline are nothing more than deceptive works of creative editing. Wallace, in a bold show of media gymnastics, seems to believe that splicing together moments of the President’s forgetfulness and verbal slip-ups require more artistry than a Hollywood blockbuster.

Apparently, the liberal news network has discovered a mysterious group of masterful editors who have the time and resources to meticulously craft these scenes from the President’s public appearances. Clearly, those who point out the obvious cognitive questions are just victims of these so-called “selectively edited” masterpieces. According to Wallace, one must be mistaken to think that Biden wandering off stage or forgetting basic facts are genuine snapshots of his day-to-day performance.

Wallace’s argument begs the question: Is one supposed to ignore the unedited, live broadcasts where the President struggles with coherence? Maybe a selective memory is the best defense against reality. The same network that once detailed President Trump’s every misstep with fervor now seems to think that showing unflattering footage of a sitting President is out of line.

Media watchdogs have taken note as Wallace doubles down on providing cover for Biden. It seems no gaffe, no matter how glaring, can penetrate the protective shield that some media professionals have thrown around this administration. Is there a video out there where Biden doesn’t look lost or tongue-tied, or do those fall in the category of yet-to-be-released fantasy footage?

Wallace’s comments reveal just how far certain media allies are willing to go to maintain the narrative that President Biden is perfectly capable. It’s a narrative that requires viewers to ignore what they see with their own eyes and instead, to trust a news anchor’s claim that it’s all just a bad editing job. In an age where trust in media is critically low, moments like these only serve to confirm suspicions of bias and manipulation.

Written by Staff Reports

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