MTG and McCarthy RIP Biden, Threaten Impeachment

Over the weekend, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene asserted that President Joe Biden must face impeachment. Greene claimed that Biden’s neglect of the crises in East Palestine, Ohio, and the southern border has jeopardized the safety of American citizens. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has joined Greene, indicating that Biden’s failure to handle the situation at the southern border could result in impeachment.

The recent train accident in East Palestine, Ohio was given minimal attention by both the Biden administration and the media until former President Donald Trump declared his visit to the affected area on Wednesday. The incident led to the release of toxic chemicals into the air, and Representative Greene contends that Biden must take responsibility for his inaction.

The situation at the southern border is also receiving attention from Republicans. McCarthy argued that impeachment may be the only way to force Biden to take the border seriously. He believes that impeachment is “the only available tool” for Republicans to force the White House to take action. McCarthy also stated that there is no middle ground when it comes to border security and that Republicans must use this tool or they will be seen as aiders and abettors.

While it is unlikely that an impeachment charge would gain Senate approval, it has become evident that the Republicans are ready to take drastic measures to prompt Biden to address these problems. Greene and McCarthy are firm in their belief that Biden should face impeachment for his failure to safeguard the American people, and their message is gaining traction.

The debate over whether or not Biden should be impeached is one that will continue to rage on in the coming weeks. It is clear that Republicans are not willing to back down from this fight, and they will continue to pressure Biden until he takes action on these issues. Whether or not impeachment will actually happen is unclear, but Republicans are willing to go to great lengths in order to get Biden to take responsibility for his actions.

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