California Councilman Arrested For Election Fraud

Despite the Democrats’ claims that the 2020 election was the most secure in history, recent events have proven otherwise. San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow announced at a press conference that councilman Shakir Khan has been arrested for suspicion of election fraud. The sheriff stated that Khan had attempted to undermine and manipulate the right to free and fair elections, specifically targeting members of his own Pakistani community in the north county.

According to a report by Fox40, Khan has been accused of several offenses, including providing false information in his registration to the Secretary of State, submitting a fake candidacy petition, facilitating or participating in fraudulent activities during elections, and signing false names on nomination petitions. Following a search of his residence, authorities purportedly discovered 41 mail-in ballots that were sealed and completed. Khan was running for the Lodi City Council’s District 4 position at the time.

Captain Art Harty from the sheriff’s department was taken aback by the revelation, given that modification to election regulations have recently authorized individuals to submit ballots on someone else’s behalf. Besides, 23 individuals were registered to vote at Khan’s residence, while 47 others used Khan’s phone number and email to register but provided different addresses.

Mark Mendlovitz has provided an in-depth Twitter thread on the matter, and this is still a developing story. This case of election fraud has shed light on the potential for manipulation and corruption in the 2020 election, despite the Democrats’ claims. It is important to stay informed on this developing story and to ensure that all future elections are conducted in a fair and secure manner.

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