Nancy Mace Shreds Democrats Denying Evidence Against Biden!

During a meeting about impeachment, Nancy Mace, a Republican from South Carolina, did not hold back when she spoke out against Democrats. She said that their claim that there is no proof that President Joe Biden was involved in his family's alleged plan to buy votes was "total bullsh*t." Mace called the Democrats "complete and total hypocrisy" and said he would show them the facts.

The Congresswoman brought up the relationship between the Biden family and the Chinese company CEFC in 2017. It is said that the Biden family made a lot of money by giving the Chinese company access to Joe Biden. She said that Hunter Biden even set up for Joe Biden to share an office with the company that was connected with the CCP. It was a lie for the Democrats to say that these actions didn't matter because Joe Biden wasn't vice president at the time, according to Mace. She says Hunter Biden said that being able to talk to his father was the key to his family's only asset, which is something she thinks will haunt the Biden family forever.

A witness at the hearing, legal scholar Jonathan Turley, seemed to agree with Mace's points of view. He said that giving money to family members can be seen as giving money to the president, which makes Joe Biden responsible for any wrongdoing. Turley used his own experience as lead counsel in an impeachment trial to show how benefits for the accused's family were important. So, there is a history of putting these kinds of claims in impeachment cases.

The House Oversight Committee released several sets of bank records from the Biden family business. These records show that the Biden business got at least $20 million from different business plans in places like China, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Also, it was found that nine Biden family members, including two of Joe Biden's grandchildren, got money from these foreign businesses.

Finally, Nancy Mace didn't hold back when she criticized the Democrats. She said that their claim that there was no proof against Joe Biden was "total bullsh*t." She said she would show the facts and proof that she thinks link the President to the alleged scheme to sell power by his family. The fact that the Biden family's business bank records were made public gives these claims more weight.

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