2024 GOP Debate: Trump Dominates Without Even Showing Up!

The second 2024 Republican debate was an absolute circus, my friends. Chaos and disruption were the names of the game as the moderators failed miserably to rein in the rowdy candidates. It was like trying to corral a pack of wild donkeys. But in the midst of all the brawling and bickering, there was one shining star who stole the show – and even liberal Governor Gavin Newsom had to admit it.

In the aftermath of the debate, Newsom had the audacity to compare the whole thing to the XFL and the junior varsity. Can you believe it? He basically said that these GOP candidates were only fit to be vice presidents. Talk about a low blow. But even Newsom had to grudgingly acknowledge that when it comes to dominating a debate, no one does it better than Donald J. Trump.

“I think it will be clear that Trump comes out the dominant force of this debate,” Newsom begrudgingly admitted. “These guys are getting lapped by Donald Trump.” Oh, how it must pain him to utter those words. But the truth hurts, folks, and the truth is that Trump is head and shoulders above the rest.

Of course, there were plenty of jabs thrown at our beloved former president throughout the debate. These candidates just can’t seem to let go of their Trump obsession. But let me tell you something, my conservative comrades, the fact that Trump didn’t even show up for the debate not once, but twice, and he’s still leading the pack with a whopping 60 percent approval rating? Well, that just proves that he doesn’t need to waste his time on these petty squabbles.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took it upon himself to call out Trump for skipping the debate. He accused him of being afraid to defend his record on the stage. But let me set the record straight, my friends. President Trump doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone. His record speaks for itself, and it’s a record of unprecedented success for our great nation.

While these candidates continue to flail about, desperately trying to make a name for themselves, Trump remains the frontrunner. It’s not even close, folks. The other candidates are simply no match for the incredible legacy that Trump has built. And I have to agree with Newsom on one thing – these guys better step up and distinguish themselves soon if they want any chance of securing the nomination. Otherwise, they’re just wasting everybody’s time.

But don’t worry, my conservative comrades, the battle is far from over. Newsom may think he’s got the upper hand, but come November, when he goes head-to-head with Trump’s top rival, Governor Ron DeSantis, he’s going to get a rude awakening. Newsom can hurl insults all he wants, but it won’t change the fact that DeSantis is more than qualified to be the next president of the United States. So bring it on, Newsom. We’re ready for you.

Written by Staff Reports

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