Nassau County Strikes Back: No Males in Female Sports!

In a significant victory for women and girls in sports, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman has issued an "Executive Order for Fairness for Women and Girls in Sports," prohibiting male athletes who identify as transgender from participating in girls' and women's sports. This bold move aims to uphold the integrity of female sports and establish an equitable playing field for female athletes.

Under this groundbreaking executive order, women's and girls' teams or leagues are required to pledge to exclude "biological males" from competing if they wish to use the county's 100 ballfields and athletic facilities. By mandating that sports leagues in Nassau County confirm in writing their commitment to preventing male athletes from participating, County Executive Blakeman sets a precedent for other counties to follow suit in safeguarding the rights of female athletes.

During the announcement of the executive order, Blakeman stressed the importance of preventing male athletes from unfairly entering female sports, declaring, "There is too much bullying going on of biological males trying to inject themselves in women and female sports, and we will not tolerate that in Nassau County." His firm stance against the advantage biological males may have over female athletes sends a clear message in support of protecting women's sports from undue competition.

Acknowledging the inherent physical disparities between males and females, Blakeman underscored the injustice of forcing female athletes to compete against male athletes, stating, "Biological boys are faster, bigger, and stronger. They have a physical advantage against women." This executive order represents a crucial step in ensuring that women and girls can compete on a level playing field without facing insurmountable physical disadvantages.

The decision to implement this rule was prompted by numerous complaints from female athletes and their parents regarding the unfair competition posed by male athletes in female sports. Avery Graziosi, a 14-year-old freshman at Long Beach High School in Nassau County, voiced her support for the new rule, emphasizing the importance of maintaining fair competition for female athletes.

Despite criticism from transgender activists and left-wing politicians, who have labeled the executive order as "transphobic" and illegal, Blakeman, an experienced attorney, remains confident in its legal validity. His unwavering commitment to defending the rights of female athletes highlights the significance of protecting women's sports from unfair competition.

In the face of opposition from transgender activists and their allies, Blakeman's steadfast dedication to preserving the integrity of female sports sets a powerful example for other elected officials to prioritize the rights of women and girls in athletics. By taking a stand against the intrusion of male athletes in female sports, Nassau County leads the charge in promoting fairness and equity for female athletes. This pioneering executive order serves as a beacon of hope for women and girls nationwide, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to upholding the principles of fair competition in sports.

In the ongoing effort to safeguard the rights of female athletes, County Executive Bruce Blakeman's decisive action marks a significant milestone in the fight to maintain the integrity of women's sports. His unwavering advocacy for the rights of women and girls in athletics embodies the essence of genuine leadership in defending the principles of fairness and equity in sports. As Nassau County takes the lead in protecting the integrity of female sports, it sets a compelling example for other jurisdictions to follow suit in safeguarding the rights of female athletes. With this landmark executive order, Nassau County emerges as a trailblazer in the nationwide endeavor to ensure that women and girls have equal opportunities to compete without facing unfair advantages from male competitors.

Written by Staff Reports

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