NC Elections Board Delays Third-Party Candidate Certification for Biden’s Benefit

The North Carolina Board of Elections has once again demonstrated its allegiance to the Democratic party machine by declining to certify third-party presidential candidates for the November ballot. Interestingly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Randall Terry are the ones being shelved, a move that conveniently benefits the Biden camp.

The board’s 3-2 vote to postpone the approval hinged on political lines. Surprise, surprise—the three Democrats wanted more time to scrutinize the case files, while the two Republicans were in favor of certification. Democrats cited questions about each of the petitions, insisting on more time to play gatekeeper.

A follow-up meeting is scheduled for next month, where the board will re-evaluate its stance. Of course, by then, they hope the damage has been done. Michael Whatley, chairman of the Republican National Committee, has rightly pointed out that the Democrat-controlled board has clearly neglected North Carolina law and betrayed the public trust. The GOP is prepared to explore all options to rectify the situation, leaving no stone unturned.

It’s no secret that the Democrats are desperate to maintain their grip on power. Former President Donald Trump’s campaign is echoing the sentiment that the state board is merely gaming the system to give Biden a leg up. Republicans have long believed that candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West pose a threat to siphon votes away from President Biden, which is why a pro-Biden group conveniently challenged the ballot access for these third-party contenders.

Clear Choice Action, a pro-Biden group, claims the petitions had invalid signatures, provided faulty information, or misled voters during the signature drive. Yet, getting certified as a party to earn ballot access in North Carolina requires far fewer signatures than making the ballot as an independent candidate. It seems the Democrats have become very adept at moving the goalposts when it suits them.

Elections board Chairman Alan Hirsch made the laughable assertion that the vote wasn’t a rejection but rather a measure to ensure that the people who signed Mr. Kennedy’s ballot petition truly understood what they were supporting. The Democrats’ real goal here is transparent – ensure the path to Biden’s re-election is as smooth and obstacle-free as possible, even if it means muzzling opposing voices and undermining the democratic process itself.

Written by Staff Reports

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