Near-Miss Capitol Brawl: McCarthy vs Swalwell Ignite Fireworks in Censure Debate

In DC, there was some high drama recently when House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Eric Swalwell allegedly had a near physical altercation during a debate about censuring Rep. Adam Schiff. This comes after both McCarthy and Swalwell had clashed in the past, with McCarthy removing both of them from the House Intelligence Committee due to concerns about their integrity.

According to reports from two unnamed Democrat members of Congress, Swalwell called McCarthy a “weak man” on the House floor. The tension escalated the following day when McCarthy apparently confronted Swalwell as he was heading to the bathroom. McCarthy allegedly threatened to “kick the sh*t out of” Swalwell if he made a similar comment again.

While the Democrats who shared the story portrayed McCarthy as weak and Swalwell as the bigger bad a**, it’s important to take their account with a grain of salt. Swalwell has a history of engaging in performative buffoonery and making baseless claims against his political opponents. McCarthy, on the other hand, understands the power dynamics at play and knows when and how to exert his authority.

Personally, I have no problem with Republicans standing up to people like Swalwell. His actions and beliefs are detrimental to the Constitution and the values that America stands for. If Swalwell is going to act like a horse’s patootie, he shouldn’t be surprised when he’s treated like one.

Overall, the drama between McCarthy and Swalwell highlights the larger divide in Congress and the intense partisanship that exists. It’s crucial for conservatives to remain firm and not back down in the face of liberal obstructionism and attempts to undermine our rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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