Nevada Turns Red? GOP Gains Momentum, Dems Sweat in Silver State Showdown

The momentum is shifting in favor of Republicans in Nevada, according to a recent poll commissioned by former U.S. congressman Lee Zeldin’s Leadership America Needs PAC. The poll indicates that the first-term Democrat Senator Jacky Rosen could be in trouble, as a generic Republican candidate holds a two-point advantage in a hypothetical showdown.

It doesn’t come as a surprise, given that first-term Democrat Catherine Cortez-Masto won her seat by a mere 8,000 votes after days of counting primarily in the heavily-Democrat Clark County. The poll also shows that only 38 percent of likely voters approve of Rosen’s job performance.

The poll also indicated that former President Trump holds a slight lead of 48 percent to President Biden’s 47 percent in a hypothetical rematch. Trump has a notable advantage among key demographics, leading at 54 percent to 41 percent among Hispanic voters, 53 percent to 37 percent among independent men, and 47 percent to 44 percent among independent women.

The poll’s results are promising for Republicans in Nevada, a state that, according to election analysts, could swing red in the 2024 presidential race. Republicans gained success in 2022, electing former Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo as governor of Nevada, a state that hasn’t voted for a GOP presidential candidate since 2004.

The majority of voters stated that they prefer policies that promote American oil and gas production, which could give Republicans an edge due to the Democratic incumbent’s history of supporting policies that have led to a reduction in American oil and gas production.

Nevada could be a Republican stronghold in the coming years, forcing Democrats to tread carefully if they want to cling on to power in the Silver State.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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