New Ban Halts Child Procedures at Controversial Missouri Trans Clinic!

The St. Louis transgender clinic is finally getting some much-needed scrutiny after allegedly harming 600 children with gender transition drugs and procedures. And now, as a result of this investigation, the clinic has decided to cease treatment for minors altogether. About time!

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, the hero of this story, announced the good news. He proudly declared that Washington University has stopped prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children. Bailey, along with his team, successfully defended a state ban in court, which led to this necessary action.

This investigation started when a brave whistleblower, Jamie Reed, came forward and revealed that the clinic was prescribing hormone drugs to children without proper mental health screening. Can you believe it? These doctors were pushing transgender procedures on children without even getting consent from their parents. Absolutely outrageous!

But the best part is that Missouri’s new law has made it easier to sue doctors for medical malpractice related to sex reassignment. We’re talking a minimum liability of $500,000! Finally, these reckless practitioners will be held accountable for their dangerous actions.

The university claims that they’re stopping treatments because of the liability posed by the new law. But let’s be real here, they’re just trying to cover their backsides. They’re more concerned about the potential lawsuits than the fact that they were willingly subjecting children to these harmful procedures.

Now, this victory should serve as a warning to the rest of the medical establishment in America. It’s time to reconsider the dangerous push for gender interventions in children. Thankfully, Western medicine outside the United States has already recognized the risks and questioned the scientific basis for these interventions. It’s about time we catch up.

Kudos to Attorney General Andrew Bailey for taking a stand and protecting our children from this harmful agenda. It’s a shame that this clinic was allowed to harm so many kids, but at least they’ve been stopped in their tracks. Let’s hope this sends a message to other clinics across the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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