New Star Wars Series Includes Nonbinary Jedi, Spurs Debate

A new Star Wars series on Disney+ called Tales of the Empire is making headlines for featuring a nonbinary Jedi character. The character is referred to as “them” by other characters in the show. This is not the first time the Star Wars franchise has included LGBT characters, as two female characters were shown kissing in The Rise of Skywalker, and Lucasfilm introduced transgender and nonbinary characters in its comic book series, Star Wars: The High Republic.

The new series has caught the attention of some conservative groups, who are concerned about the impact this may have on children. They argue that parents should be aware of what their kids are watching, as they believe that this type of content may not align with their values.

Overall, the inclusion of LGBT characters in the Star Wars franchise has sparked conversation and debate about the representation of different identities in popular media. It remains to be seen how this will continue to play out in the Star Wars universe and whether it will have a lasting impact on its audience.

Written by Staff Reports

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