Newsom Eyes Presidential Bid Under Guise of Supporting Biden at DC Meeting

Gov. Gavin Newsom is heading to Washington, D.C., to “stand with” President Joe Biden at a Democratic governors’ meeting that might just decide who gets their party’s presidential nominee’s crown this November. And let’s be real, “stand with” is political code for “I’m next in line, folks!”

Newsom’s big jaunt to the capital on Wednesday to supposedly back Biden comes at a time when whispers are gaining decibel levels – could the California governor swipe the Democratic nomination right out from under an exhausted Biden? Given the building pressure for Biden to hang up his boots, this little move isn’t just about showing support. It’s about keeping his own presidential dreams very much alive.

After the latest debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump, Newsom quickly took center stage to fend off any dissenters within his party. He went on a tear against those calling Biden’s performance into question, saying it’s “unhelpful and unnecessary”. Gotta love how loyalty in politics always comes with a padded backdrop of “Vote for me next!” justification.

Propping up his old pal Biden, Newsom waxed lyrical about the president’s so-called achievements, such as creating jobs. But let’s not forget, this is the same governor who just signed off on California’s budget to tackle a $46.8 billion deficit with $16 billion in spending cuts. Sure, Newsom’s a whiz at tightrope walking the Democratic line, all while the economic ship he helms teeters in the West.

It’s no surprise to see him riding high on betting sites and even getting a pat on the back from Bill Maher as a potential front-runner for 2024. This is a guy who, term-limited by 2026, is looking for his next big gig. And, if he has his way, it’ll come wrapped in a presidential seal.

Meanwhile, California Republicans are having none of it. They accuse him of prioritizing his White House daydreams over the actual job Californians elected him to do. They point out the obvious—that under his leadership, the Golden State’s glories have dimmed under the very weight of policies he champions.

Instead of brainstorming ways to strip away voter rights, inflate the cost of living, or make neighborhood walks an extreme sport, Newsom should take a long, hard look in the mirror. The very playbook he’s peddling nationwide has landed Californians in one mess after another. Yet, here he is, veil of “presidential support” thinly masking ambitions as clear as California smog.

Written by Staff Reports

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