Newsom Mocks Mike Johnson’s Grief Over Maine Tragedy

In a snarky response to House Speaker Mike Johnson’s call for prayer in the wake of a shooting that left 18 dead in Maine, California Governor Gavin Newsom dismissed the notion, saying, “The new speaker’s suggestion is we simply pray away the gun violence. That’s it!” Leave it to the Democrats to belittle the power of prayer in times of crisis.

Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, had expressed his belief that prayer is appropriate in a time like this, hoping that through prayer, evil can be defeated and senseless violence can come to an end. But Newsom, who apparently has forgotten the importance of faith, mocked Johnson’s statement, revealing just how out of touch he is with the values of the American people.

Of course, this is not the first time Johnson has defended gun rights and challenged gun control measures. As a true advocate for the Second Amendment, he has consistently voted against gun control bills, much to the chagrin of liberals like Newsom.

In his attempt to score political points, Newsom took the opportunity to criticize Maine Republican lawmakers for not passing stricter gun control laws. He specifically pointed out their rejection of a bill that would have required a 72-hour waiting period for firearm purchases. But as it turns out, even if the bill had passed, it likely would not have made a difference in this particular shooting.

Despite Newsom’s attempt to blame Republicans, it’s important to note that the opposition to the bill was bipartisan. Even Democrats in Maine recognized the impracticality of implementing such a waiting period. But that doesn’t stop Newsom from making the issue about politics, calling for the elimination of Second Amendment protections altogether. It’s clear that he is more interested in exploiting tragedies for his own agenda than in finding real solutions.

While Newsom is off gallivanting in Beijing, House Speaker Mike Johnson and the American people will continue to offer their prayers and work towards real solutions to prevent future acts of violence. Perhaps Newsom could learn a thing or two about the power of prayer and the importance of defending our Constitution.

Written by Staff Reports

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