Newsom Picks Laughable Spots for Debate with DeSantis: Major Issue Unveiled!

In a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Governor Ron DeSantis expressed his willingness to debate Governor Gavin Newsom. However, according to a report by POLITICO, the debate plans have hit a standstill as the two governors struggle to agree on certain details, such as live audiences and locations.

Newsom has proposed locations for the debate, including Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina. However, as noted by John Kartch from Americans for Tax Reform, California law prevents state officials from traveling to Georgia and North Carolina due to concerns about discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals. It’s ironic that Newsom has no qualms about traveling to states on those very lists, such as Florida, where he continuously criticizes DeSantis’ policies, and Montana, where his in-laws reside.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Newsom’s team wanted to collaborate with President Joe Biden’s team for the debate. They proposed dates of November 8 or 10, which coincides with the start of the GOP’s presidential primary debates. This timing could potentially impact DeSantis, who is currently trailing behind former President Donald Trump in the polls.

Despite Newsom’s frequent denial, speculation persists about his potential presidential ambitions for 2024. With rumors swirling that Biden may not be the Democratic nominee after all, it’s not far-fetched to imagine Newsom seeking a spot in his administration or even his endorsement for future runs. This political intrigue only adds another layer to the ongoing debate between the two governors.

While they spar over their respective states’ successes and failures, it’s worth noting the stark differences between California and Florida. During Newsom’s tenure, California experienced a population decline for the first time in its history. Although he downplays the issue by pointing out other states’ losses, the fact remains that his policies have resulted in people leaving the state. Meanwhile, Florida has seen tremendous growth, with record-breaking visitor numbers in 2022 and being the fastest-growing state, according to Census Bureau estimates. DeSantis has even visited California himself, where he has witnessed firsthand the decline of what was once considered a great city, San Francisco.

In conclusion, the debate between DeSantis and Newsom is at a stalemate as the governors struggle to agree on key details. While their presidential ambitions and differing state performances add intrigue, it is clear that DeSantis’ Florida is flourishing while Newsom’s California faces significant challenges.

Written by Staff Reports

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