Democrat Admits Hunter Biden’s Unlawful Actions: Oversight Committee Shaken

In an unexpected turn of events, a significant Democrat from the Oversight Committee has confirmed what conservatives have been screaming for some time: Hunter Biden did “really unlawful and wrong things.” This admission was made by Maryland Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin in an interview with ABC’s “This Week.” It’s unusual for a prominent Democrat to acknowledge the misdeeds of members of their own party, therefore conservatives should pay attention to this revelation.

During the interview, Jon Karl of ABC asked Raskin about the concerning allegations surrounding Hunter Biden and the money he allegedly received from Ukraine, China, and Russia. Raskin initially tried to dodge the question by diverting attention to Trump’s indictments, but when pressed further, he had no choice but to concede his concerns about Hunter Biden’s actions. It’s refreshing to see a Democrat acknowledge the need for scrutiny when it comes to public officials and their family members taking advantage of their positions.

Attorneys for Hunter Biden are now renegotiating a failed plea deal with federal prosecutors, which would have allowed him to serve no time for charges that typically carry years in prison. This leniency is unprecedented in the Delaware district’s history. It’s clear that Hunter Biden is receiving special treatment, likely due to his familial ties to the President. The fact that the White House is attempting to portray the investigation as free of political meddling is laughable and raises serious questions about the integrity of the Justice Department.

Rep. Raskin made it clear that the Oversight Committee should conduct a thorough analysis of the laws surrounding profiteering by public officials and their family members. This is a commendable stance, as it suggests that even Democrats are starting to realize the need for accountability and transparency within their own ranks. It’s about time they took a hard look at the actions of the Bidens and held them to the same standards they hold others to.

In a separate development, a retired FBI agent testified that the Biden campaign was tipped off about the ongoing Hunter Biden investigation during the 2020 campaign. According to the transcript released by the House Oversight Committee, the FBI and IRS were instructed to stand down and wait for Hunter Biden to contact them for an interview. However, this call never came, and the interview never took place. This raises serious concerns about the interference in the investigation by those in power, further highlighting the need for a comprehensive analysis of the laws and regulations surrounding such cases.

The Oversight Committee also expressed their lack of confidence in U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was granted special counsel powers by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. This appointment comes after reports revealed that U.S. attorneys in districts where Hunter Biden is alleged to have committed crimes refused to bring charges and had a history of donating to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. It’s clear that there is a pattern of corruption and bias at play here, and Weiss should not be given free rein to investigate these matters outside of his Delaware district.

Overall, these recent developments surrounding Hunter Biden and the investigation into his actions paint a picture of political favoritism and a disregard for justice. It’s crucial that conservatives continue to push for accountability and transparency, ensuring that the Bidens are held to the same standards as any other public officials. The admissions from Rep. Raskin and the revelations from the retired FBI agent only strengthen the case for a thorough investigation into the unlawful activities of the Biden family.

Written by Staff Reports

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