No Sanctuary Cash! Speaker Slams NYC, Biden’s Border Blunders

House Speaker Mike Johnson delivers a hard-hitting message to the Big Apple, urging them to drop their “sanctuary” city status if they expect any cash from the feds to handle the influx of migrants pouring in. Speaking exclusively to The Post, the Louisiana Republican gets real about proposed GOP stipulations, because they aren’t interested in doling out dough to cities that refuse to cooperate with immigration officials.

In a seat-edge interview in his swanky office overlooking the National Mall, Johnson passionately rips into President Biden’s handling of the border crisis, labeling Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as “one of the worst Cabinet secretaries in the history of the United States.” He condemns the administration’s “inexcusable” decision making and points fingers at their policy choices for the mess at the border.

Johnson keeps the heat coming, suggesting that the Biden family’s foreign dealings might be tinkering with U.S. policy, particularly towards China. The House Speaker can’t help but ponder why the White House seems to be going easy on China and hints at potential ties between their leniency and the Biden family’s business ventures.

As if that’s not enough, Johnson raises the stakes by hinting at a potential inflection point in the impeachment inquiry into President Biden. The drama unfolds as House Republicans push forward with deliberate and cautious investigations, not inclined to repeat the Dems’ “weaponized” impeachment fiascos over the past few years.

And that’s not all—Johnson claps back at the push for federal aid to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, demanding “conditions” on the $100 million humanitarian aid Biden pledged. The House Speaker also catches wind of the potential funding earmarked for Ukraine’s conflict with Russia and suggests a poetic plan to finance the war effort with seized Russian assets.

Moving on to a hot-button issue, Johnson voices concerns about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, advocating for real reform to protect Americans’ privacy before reauthorization. Amidst all this, he makes it clear that antisemitism will not be tolerated in the House and rejects attempts to silence different perspectives, including those he vigorously disagrees with.

Last but not least, Johnson doesn’t shy away from standing firm on his Christian faith and principles, dismissing claims of bias and emphasizing the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of differences. His confidence and unwavering stance show that he’s not here to play games, but to fight for what he believes in.

Written by Staff Reports

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